Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So here are some progress pictures. A couple notes: when I took the "before" picture, I never anticipated that I would be posting it for others to see. That's why I'm in my pjs. I wore my shirt inside out on the progress pic because the design was distracting. In the "before" pictures, which will appear on the left in each grouping, I'm just shy of my highest weight. I'm at 228 in the current pics. Overall, I think I look less like a bean bag chair than I did before and I call that progress!

Front Views

~278---------------------> 228
Side Shots

I don't see a huge difference in the side shots (except that my boobs look smaller).

~278--------------> 228
The Scary Back View

~278--------------------> 228


Anonymous said...

I can totally see a difference!!! You are looking great, girlie!! All that hard work is paying off...50 lbs most definitely makes a difference! Keep it up!!! =)

new*me said...

woo-whee girl! What a big change.....and you are totally NOT looking bean baggish at all :) Progress pics are great motivation! Keep on going!

Karyn said...

BIG difference!

I see in the "new" girl more confidence in herself - just by the way she holds herself.

Keep it up, before you know it, you will be half the girl you were!

Lyn said...

Wowee! Our stats are VERY similar, and I see a really BIG difference in your pics. Your butt totally shrank! Impressive... keep it up :)

amy said...

You rock! Congrats. I am too afraid to take pics!

Jenny said...

There is a difference! Keep it up! I love seeing before and after pictures it keeps me going!