Monday, December 15, 2008

Evil Christmas Elves

Apparently I need to pull out the bitch case, because I must have been too good this year. Last week I was visited by several evil Christmas elves bearing plates of scrumptuous no nos.

On Monday, I was given a tray of cookies. Tuesday, a fruitcake. Wednesday a box of Belgian truffles. Thursday, a rum cake. Friday, a box of assorted pastries from the local Lebanese bakery. Add to this the numerous seasonal lunches and dinners I was invited to and you have the making of a really ugly situation. All of this was lovely and I'm very appreciative, but it's hard enough to pour myself into my jeans when I'm not being fed on a regular basis.

The result? My weight's holding steady today, a fact for which I am very greatful. I've kicked up the activity, prioritized my holiday snacking and have taken to putting out the yummy goodness I receive for friends and family.


butterfly said...

Someone needs to kidnap these evil X-mas elves. They've passed by my place as well.

Keep your treats to yourselves!

Amy S. said...

Ditto, I hate all these amazing sweets. Funny how I didn't know people actually ate fruitcake until I met my husband. I always thought it was just a good movie joke. I still haven't tried it, I probably never will. It would be one more treat to have to learn to resist!

Lyn said...

How ya doing??

Karyn said...

How'd your Christmas go?

Were you able to avoid those evil elves?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Joania said...

just stumbled upon your blog!! It's great!! Those darn elves!!