Friday, January 23, 2009

The Oral Surgery Blues

I've probably mentioned before that I have braces. I got them in the summer as part of my effort to start putting myself first. I've long been self conscious about my smile and finally got the nerve up to take the plunge in June.

It actually hasn't been so bad except that it takes me a ton of time to get my teeth clean between meals. My treatment has been progressing well, so on Wednesday, it was time to get some oral surgery. My two top adult incisors never came down, so doc had to go in and make them. The woman who made my appointment convinced me I wouldn't need anesthesia. She said, "seven-year-olds get this done with Novocaine all the time!" I acquiesced.

What I didn't realize was that the bone in a seven-year-old's face is much softer and peels away from the teeth easily. However, once I hit my twenties, everything hardened up. Consequently, I laid in the chair for three hours while doc ground down my bone with a drill and said that in twenty years he'd never seen such badly impacted teeth. Awesome.

Days later, I'm still in a lot of pain. I can eat solid foods, but since I also had to have two bicuspids removed from the bottom, eating is complicated. I'm finding that tomato soup and sugar free jello cups aren't doing much to fill me up and I'm struggling to resist an ice cream binge.

I'm also on Vicodin which is making me incredibly loopy and tired so I'm cutting this short. I hope everyone has a great weekend! And just a word of advice: if you're an otherwise healthy adult getting oral surgery, spring for the anesthesia!


new*me said...

awwwwwwww....hope you are feeling better soon. :(

Lyn said...

Oh ouch, just reading this made my teeth hurt!! Hope you feel better soon.

Scale Junkie said...

Oh WOW, that woman who made your appointment should be slapped or worse made to endure what you just did.

Feel better soon.

Ria said...

That sounds like one rough appointment. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Karyn said...

Yowsers! That sounds so painful.
Hope you can stay away from the ice cream....and find something besides tomatoe soup. Do you like smoothies? made with FF and SF yogurt and fruit, they can be quite filling and almost make you think you are having a milkshake.

Just a suggestion

Liesl said...

wow, doctor receptionists are always mean people. i wonder why. your blog is inspiring. you're looking great! i will definitely be following your progress. I'm at 117 kg (257 lb I think), just started with jenny craig and doing pretty well i think. thanks for inspiring me,
Liesl (New Zealand)

Camevil said...

I shudder to think that you were awake as they were grinding away at your face. That happened to me once. Once. The feeling of having your face bones crunched is worse than any pain.

Oh, try some homemade mashed potatoes thinned out with some yogurt or skim milk.