Monday, June 9, 2008

How do you fight strawberry shortcake?

I'll confess, I'm having some difficulty. Sometimes, I try to do this and it's effortless. The wonderful thing about that is that being on track tends to be a system that feeds itself. I feel in control and badass and confident, and that makes it easier to turn down pizza.

Right about the time I start to think that this is going to be easy, an event comes up--A birthday, party, vacation, fill in the blank--and I get off track. I make unwise choices. This wouldn't be so terrible if it wasn't for the fact that I then have a tough time convincing myself that it's a good idea to start counting points again. I usually restle with this for a week (though sometimes longer), than I get back on track and lose for a week, and then the cycle repeats.

The result is that my net weight stays about the same while I feel like I'm always on a diet. I need to get back on track for more than 2 days--UGGGG!

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