Friday, March 28, 2008

I need to read my blog...

Very recently, I touted the virtues of logging food consumption in Write What You Bite. I should have reread that yesterday.

As much as I'm a free spirit wannabe, the truth is that structure really helps me a lot. I did fine at work yesterday, eating my planned foods (despite the presence of cookies in the conference room) and was successful in writing every last thing I ate in the little blue notebook that I keep for that purpose .

The glitch? When I left for the day, I forgot my little notebook in my office. I could have gone back for it or started a new log when I got home, but I didn't do either. I figured I would be fine. BIG MISTAKE. My amnesia eating reared it's butt-ugly head. I raided my Easter basket on several occasions, ordered a pizza (while I did eat three pieces, I didn't scarf the whole thing down), I had two pieces of cranberry bread and ate two handfuls of Sun Chips. Yikes!

That was yesterday and I can't change what happened. I'm back to planning and writing and I will remember my book today. If I don't, I'll just have to write all my food in blood on the refrigerator door. That should be pretty memorable.

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